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Chef AJ once ate a nonvegan diet and was overweight. Once she got her own weight on track, she decided to share her tips for success with others. Based in Los Angeles, she’s a culinary instructor who’s contributed to Forks Over Knives. Her other book, Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, includes many yummy recipes that are rife with vegetables and fruits.

She works with Glen Merzer on The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss. Merzer is a Bellmore, New York native and has been enjoying the plant-based diet for years. He studied at Boston University in Massachusetts as well as Indiana University and the New College of Florida. As a novelist and author, Merzer is more known for his nonfiction work, which shows how to eat plant-based foods that are low in fat.

In The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss, there’s a lot to learn. This book is more advice-based than recipe-based, although don’t worry, there are plenty of recipes to be had.

Some of the concepts Chef AJ and Glen Merzer cover in this book are calorie density and why it matters as well as the Seven Cs, which are all about weight loss. Prepare to have more energy and eat more healthfully and deliciously than ever!


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