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We briefly touched on Dr. John McDougall’s life and career in another post, but, as the author of two of the most renowned SOS-free veganism books out there, he’s worth mentioning again. Studying at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University, McDougall focused on psychology. He became an intern, with certifications from the National Board of Medical Examiners and the Board of Internal Medicine.

He, like many others, used to eat animal products and byproducts, until he had a serious stroke. McDougall was only 18 years old, so he was young for such a health scare. This started his interest in introducing healthier diets across the healthcare sphere. For instance, in Minnesota, he oversaw Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s dietary program for several years. Before that, he had been in Napa Valley, California at St. Helena Hospital, where his vegetarian dietary program was the first of its kind.

While you can and should read McDougall’s work in Naked Food Magazine, his two books are must-reads, too. In The Starch Solution, McDougall introduces a unique way of eating. He and Mary, his wife and coauthor, don’t recommend dropping all carbs from your diet. Instead, they suggest following the McDougalls’ 7-Day Sure-Start Plan, which has plenty of carb and starch-filled recipes.

You might think this is counterintuitive. You’d be surprised, though. Those who have tried the 7-Day Sure-Start Plan and followed McDougall’s advice have lost weight. How? With the proteins from carbs, you get plenty of energy that lasts for hours. That reduces appetite. Carbs have less fats than you think as well. In that vein, they may be even be helpful in warding off some diseases!

We also must discuss McDougall’s other masterpiece, The Healthiest Diet on the Planet. If that title alone doesn’t make you want to pick this up and read it cover to cover, the content well.

McDougall advocates for the removal of animal proteins and fats from your diet. He says these contribute to gaining weight, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, constipation, ulcers, indigestion, and high cholesterol.

Does that mean you have to give up your favorite foods? No! McDougall recommends modifying recipes so they have more complex carbohydrates. You’ll find ways to sneak in tubers, legumes, and whole grains to pizza, pancakes, and other delicious eats when you follow the recipes outlined in this great book.

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