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Dr. Michael Greger has a background in nutrition. He gained his degrees at the Tufts University School of Medicine and the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. As recently as the mid-1990s, he’s warned against eating animal products and byproducts. In fact, in 1994, he had a paper published on mad cow disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

As a vegan, he believes in plant-based whole foods for better health. You can read his dietary advice on NutritionFacts.org, a website he founded. Greger is also the author of several books on topics like what life is like as a medical student, low-carb dieting, and bird flu. His best-known book by far is the New York Times bestseller, How Not to Die.

This book is so good that the Dalai Lama says it “may help those who are susceptible to illnesses that can be prevented.” Those illnesses include cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Not only does Dr. Greger tell you which foods you should eat to protect yourself from these diseases, but he tells you why, too. For instance, sipping hibiscus tea has been proven to be more beneficial than hypertension medications for high blood pressure. Given his medical and scientific background, his words are proven by research.

If you just can’t get enough of Dr. Greger’s work, then don’t miss The How Not to Die Cookbook. The premise here is the same, but with tons more recipes than advice on dieting. You’ll love the Daily Dozen, which are ingredients that Dr. Greger himself prefers. With full-color photos, ingredients, and simple steps, you too can learn how to make Dr. Greger’s famed Two-Berry Pie with its succulent Pecan-Sunflower Crust or his delish Superfood Breakfast Bites.

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