The 7 Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants in the US

best sos vegan restaurant in the us

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It’s pretty easy to find vegan restaurants in your neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods, as more and more of them are sprouting up left and right. While it’s great to see so many establishments cater to vegans, if you’re sugar, oil, and salt-free (SOS-free) as well as vegan, you might struggle when you go out to eat. Where can you go for a great meal in the US?

The following 7 restaurants all have SOS-free vegan menu items:

  • GreenFare Organic Café
  • Mundo Vegan
  • Wild Living Foods
  • Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery
  • MokuRoots
  • Beauty of Sprouts
  • Follow Your Heart Market & Café

Want to learn more about these great establishments? Keep reading, as we’ll provide an overview for each of these seven SOS-free vegan restaurants, including covering some drool-worthy menu items.

The Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants in the US: Our 7 Top Picks

GreenFare Organic Café

If you live in Herndon, Virginia or you happen to be passing through the neighborhood, make it a point to stop in at GreenFare Organic Café. Calling themselves an “educational restaurant,” every one of their menu items is SOS-free and vegan, guaranteed. That menu shifts with the season as GreenFare introduces fresh produce sure to get your taste buds singing.

Their all-day menu includes such offerings as the Instagram-worthy organic Thai quinoa bowl, their filling organic jackfruit barbecue sandwich, and their organic spinach and sweet potato lasagna that tastes just like real pasta but without all the carbs.


GreenFare Organic Café - Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants


End your meal on a sweet note, as GreenFare has an extensive dessert menu. It includes all-organic picks like a chocolate strawberry swirl cake, apple crisp, chocolate nut pie, cinnamon brown rice pudding, red bean lava cake, or maca chocolate mousse.

GreenFare Organic Café is open seven days a week. Their address is 408 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia, 20170.

Mundo Vegan

Admittedly, Mundo Vegan in Montclair, New Jersey only plans on operating their restaurant sometime into 2020, but their brand of vegan, SOS-free eats aren’t disappearing entirely. Instead, they’ll do classes, consulting, and meal plans. Make sure you get in here while you still can!

While not exclusively SOS-free, all dishes are vegan and gluten-free, so you have a lot of leeway here. For instance, you can dig into the organic raw zucchini, which is made with lemon juice, almonds, homemade spinach pesto, tomatoes, and zucchini noodles. You can also enjoy Mundo Vegan’s organic lentil stew, as it includes carrots, gluten-free biscuits, organic light brown rice, cilantro, tomato, onion, celery, potato, zucchini, green peas, and lentils.

Don’t forget dessert! The organic biscotti cookie is infused with lavender almond while the organic chocolate ice cream has organic maple syrup for sweetness instead of sugar.

Mundo Vegan is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at current. Their address is 20 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey, 07042.


Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants


Wild Living Foods

Claiming that “food is spirit,” Wild Living Foods in LA says they want to introduce plant-based eats to those who want to eat healthier but find it hard to track down the right restaurants for doing so.

While the eats here are not exclusively SOS-free, reviews mention how you can ask for any of the dishes to have their salt, oil, or sugar content cut and the staff will gladly do so. Unaltered, you can try dishes like the avo sushi roll, which includes cucumber, avocado, and Macadamia cauliflower rice. Their Middle Earth quinoa bowl with living tahini, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, falafel balls, spinach, and quinoa is another solid pick.

All ice cream served at Wild Living Foods is dairy-free but probably not sugar-free, so ask what can be done for your diet. If you’re in the LA area, you can even order from the restaurant online.

Wild Living Foods is open every day of the week. You can find them on 760 South Main Street, Los Angeles, California, 90014.

Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

From one side of the country to another, next we’ve got Pennsylvania’s Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery. Founded by chef Gili Kieffer, this new restaurant opened its doors in 2018. Kieffer decided to create the establishment to cater to vegans who wanted an expansive menu with more than just salad.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Tivoni. Sink your teeth into Dosa Indian green pancakes (but skip the Indian relish, since it has salt and sugar) or their rainbow Buddha bowl, which is exclusively SOS-free. It features a Tahini lemon dressing made without oil and other contents that change on the daily. The dessert menu changes regularly, too.


Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery - Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants


Should you fall in love with the offerings at Tivoni, the restaurant even hosts cooking classes. Now you can learn to replicate the same delicious SOS-free vegan eats at home.

Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery is open Tuesdays through Sundays. Their address is 805A Rohrerstown Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17601.




Whether you’re fortunate enough to live in Hawaii or you’re vacationing here, make it a point to get to MokuRoots  in Lahaina. It’s another newer restaurant that only popped up last year after Erica Gale and Alexa Caskey, two friends, opened it.

The menu shifts constantly according to availability of menu items and the season, which means your dining experience is never the same twice at MokuRoots. From savory breakfast sandwiches to vegan pancakes topped with chocolate chips to sushi, salads, sandwiches, and yummy desserts, MokuRoots has it all. If you see something you wat to eat and it’s not quite SOS-free, ask and the staff should be happy to accommodate you.

Some more regular menu offerings are the vegan burrito (with an organic tortilla wrap, macnut aioli, vegan cheese, and roasted veggies), taro fingers (with vegan mozzarella, homemade ketchup, and taro patty), and the slightly spicy Caesar. This features homemade croutons, nori flakes, vegan mac-nut Caesar dressing (you can always skip this), kula onions, and lettuce.

MokuRoots is located on 335 Keawe Street, Suite 211, Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761.

Beauty of Sprouts

Another SOS-free vegan restaurant in a sunny state is Beauty of Sprouts, which is located in sunny Sarasota. Everything on this menu has no sugar, oil, or salt, so feel free to eat anything you’d like! It’s all vegan, too.

The menu includes tasty apps like a sweet potato ceviche or spring roll with greens, tomato, oil-free Asian dip, sprouts, sweet mini pepper, cilantro, avocado, and a homemade coconut wrap. The main menu is loaded up with tasty eats, among them the quinoa burger (with clover sprouts, shallots, tomato, and scallions), kale pizza, burritos (including mini pepper, guacamole, zucchini spread, and sprouted wild rice), and a taco salad.

If you’re still hungry after all that, sample the dessert menu. The vegan, SOS-free tiramisu has vanilla, almond milk, dates, cashew cream, cacao, coconut oil, and almond. Another recommended pick is the Chocolate Bliss with dates, almond milk, fermented cacao powder, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. The lavender crème brulee is not to be missed, either!

Beauty of Sprouts is open every day but Sundays and Mondays. Their address is 1474 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34236.

Follow Your Heart Market & Café

We couldn’t wrap up this list without discussing Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe in Canoga Park, California. While all the eats on their menu are vegan, they have a specialized SOS-free menu you’ll surely love.

On that menu are starters like a SOS-free soup of the day and salads such as the spinach salad (with apples, onions, mushrooms, and spinach), the kale salad (which includes avocados and baby bok choy), and the organic garden salad (with red cabbage and carrots). The main menu includes a super green pasta, SOS-free tacos, stuffed sweet potato, a white bean kale burger, and a free steamed vegetable plate.

Top off your meal with the organic green apples and berries dessert, which is light and refreshing. Follow Your Heart even has a small SOS-free vegan breakfast menu, with offerings like oatmeal and breakfast vegetables.


Follow Your Heart Market & Café - Best SOS-Free Vegan Restaurants

Follow Your Heart Market & Café is open everyday at 8 a.m. for breakfast, with lunch and dinner beginning at 10:30 a.m. You can find them on 21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, California, 91303.


As a SOS-free vegan, you don’t have to endlessly ponder what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert anymore now that you’re familiar with these seven great restaurants. Each caters not only to vegans, but those who don’t consume sugar, salt, or oil. Make sure you try them all! Happy eating.

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